About the School of Law

About the School of Law

Conferences & Symposia

Continuing Events

Rudolph C. Barnes Sr. Symposium
The Rudolph C. Barnes Sr. Symposium honors his interests and engagement through an annual program examining problems of law and morality understood in the broadest sense.
Charles Knowlton Law & Liberal Arts Visiting Scholar Program
The Knowlton Visiting Scholar Program brings together faculty and students from various departments to promote interdisciplinary discussion and scholarship. The Knowlton Scholar delivers a public lecture, moderates an interdisciplinary seminar of faculty drawn from various departments of the University, and meets with students.

Past Events

Balancing Private and Public Rights in the Coastal Zone in the Era of Climate Change: The Fifteenth Anniversary of Lucas v. South Carolina Coastal Council
September 20–21, 2007
The conference examined the legal and policy challenges posed by coastal development pressures in this period of climate change.
Bridging the Divide: Public and Private Interest in Coastal Marshes and Marsh Islands
September 7–8, 2006
This symposium was dedicated to exploring the modern public trust doctrine and related topics. To provide context for discourse, the conference began with a case study of the high-profile and contentious issues of access to privately-owned islands in the coastal marshes of South Carolina.
Climate Change and the Oceans: Regulating the Seas to Protect the Atmosphere & Vice Versa
October 2, 2008
A distinguished panel presented on the topic of Climate Change and the Oceans: Regulating the Seas to Protect the Atmosphere & Vice Versa.
The Future of Copyright Law
October 12, 2007
This symposium brought together scholars from the United States to discuss the future of copyright law, through competing predictions, visions, and even warnings about the likely evolution of copyright law in the United States and around the world.
The Law Librarian's Role in the Scholarly Enterprise Colloquium
November 21, 2008
This conference discussed how law librarians can improve and support legal scholarship in light of technological advances.
Legal Education at the Crossroads: Ideas to Action, Part I
November 2–4, 2007
Fifty-seven of the leading legal educators in the United States came together to discuss reforming legal education.
Perspectives on Justice
October 30–31, 2009
This exciting symposium brings together nationally recognized scholars to address contemporary social justice issues.
The Promise of Voter Equality: Examining the Voting Rights Act at 40
October 20, 2005
Sessions of this event included: Voting Rights: A Historical Perspective on the African-American Struggle for the Right to Vote; The Supreme Court's Approach to the Protection of Voting Rights; Anticipating the 2007 Preclearance Reauthorization Debate; Obstacles to Minority Participation in the Election Process; Race, Redistricting and Representation; Recent South Carolina Voting Rights Litigation
Symposium on Prosecutorial Ethics & Duties
March 15 & 16, 2012
A symposium built around four panel discussions between judges, prosecutors, defense counsel, and academics about their experiences and perspectives, seeking to illuminate those differences and identify areas of consensus about the burning issues of prosecutors' ethics.