About the School of Law

About the School of Law

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The University of South Carolina School of Law is located at 701 Main Street, on the corner of Main and Greene streets. It is two blocks away from the Historic Horseshoe, the heart of the campus, and two blocks away from the South Carolina State House and capital complex.It is also close to many federal, state and municipal courts. The current home of the law school opened in 1974, and features three floors of classrooms, the largest legal library in the state, and a garden patio stretching the length of the building, complete with quiet study areas at picnic tables and benches.


Parking on weekends in surface lots on the USC Columbia campus is open and no special permit is required. Please do not park in reserved, state vehicle or handicapped parking unless you have a permit to do so. All vehicles parked on campus must be head-in to the parking space. Backing in or pull-through parking is prohibited in all areas, including meters. City of Columbia parking meters are located around the School of Law, and the Discovery Plaza parking facility is located 1.5 blocks from the School of Law.

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