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Academic Success Program

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The Academic Success Program is designed to help students develop and sharpen the skills necessary to be successful at USC Law. When students perform poorly, it usually isnít because they didnít work hard. Itís because they didnít work in the right way.

With the high pressure of law school, and, for most classes, a single high stakes exam, students cannot afford to waste their time and energy.

Skills Workshops

The Academic Success Program offers skills workshops designed to address potential pitfalls faced by law students. All students are encouraged to attend, and each workshop is offered twice a week. Workshops include How to Succeed in Law School, Reading and Notes, Time Management, Outlines, and Exam Writing. Toward the end of the semester, students are given the opportunity to test their knowledge and get over ďlaw exam jittersĒ through simulated exams in several subjects.

Individual Assistance

Individual meetings are available for any student looking for personalized assistance. Meetings are tailored to the studentís specific needs and requests, and are designed to allow the student to develop an individualized study program. These meetings include reviewing past exams, working through hypotheticals, assessing schedules and study habits, and dealing with stress. Individual meetings can be scheduled at any time. If you would like to schedule an appointment, please email Alex Ruskell (Email).

First Year Tutoring Program

Every 1L class is paired with a 2L or 3L student tutor who is chosen based on his or her academic success in a particular class and subject area. The tutors work closely with individual course professors and the Academic Success office to provide 1L students with advice and assistance that complements the work done during class time. Tutoring in each subject is offered once a week, and focuses on student questions and answering hypotheticals.

Bar Preparation

For 3L students and graduates, the Academic Success Program provides workshops and advice on how to study and pass the bar exam.


For more on finding success in law school, go to http://bit.ly/academicsupportblog, named one of the 50 most popular blogs edited by law professors in 2013. There you’ll see posts by Alex Ruskell, director of the Academic Success Program, who is a contributing editor to the blog.


Alex Ruskell, Director of Academic Success and Bar Preparation, Office 314, Phone: 803-777-8115 (Email).