Admissions & Financial Aid

Admissions & Financial Aid

Computing Requirement

The School of Law requires that each student have a notebook computer, sufficiently equipped to be used to support essential research, classroom, and communications tasks. Upon arrival in the Fall, students will be assisted in setting up their computers to access the School's wireless network and will later be shown how to make their computer eligible for use in computer-based exams. The School of Law is confident that requiring all students to own portable computers will increase their productivity and efficiency, improve institutional communications, and prepare students to effectively use this essential business tool.

Student Loans for Purchase of a Personal Computer

A one-time budget allowance of up to $2000 is available to law students for the purchase of a personal computer that meets the School of Law's minimum specifications.

Students who wish to add the cost of a personal computer to their loan funds should schedule an appointment with a counselor in the University's Office of Financial Aid and Scholarships, 1714 College Street, Columbia SC 29208, by calling 803-777-8134. Bring the invoice or receipts for your computer purchase with you to the appointment.