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Job Descriptions for 2Ls

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Member Editors

Member Editors (MEs) are 2Ls. MEs perform much of the most crucial editing of each article. They serve for a full year (Fall and Spring semesters) after completing a training workshop and Orientation day held before school starts. MEs are assigned to one of four groups, each headed by a 3L Articles Editor and Student Note Editor. MEs are assigned to an article based which group they are in.

The first task is to "pull" sources for any given article based on information that the Research Editor(s) has provided. After reading the article in its entirety to get a sense of the thesis, argument, and flow, the ME will focus on a segment of text to edit for substance, grammar, style, and clarity. The ME offers valuable input into the structure and readability of an article. The ME is also responsible for cite-checking the footnotes in their assigned section for accuracy and completeness. Finally, the ME must ensure that the footnotes and text conform to the official Bluebook citation style.

MEs are also expected to complete a Student Note during either the Fall or Spring semester of their 2L year. This note must be on one of the topics provided by the Research Editor or a topic approved by the Research Editor. Each of the four groups of MEs has an assigned Student Note Editor who assists the ME.

Office Managers

The Office Managers (OMs) are 2Ls elected to the position of OM during the Orientation meeting in August. The OM's purpose is to relieve some of the workload on the 3L Editorial staff, by making sure that the office is in good working condition. The OM is expected to keep the office stocked with supplies for editing (pens, computer paper, staples, paper clips, etc.) and clean.

The OM is also responsible for keeping the office stocked with snacks and drinks for the current SELJ members. SELJ provides snacks and drinks at cost.

There may be one or two OMs in any given year, depending on the preferences of the current Editorial Board. It is the only elected position available to 2Ls.