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Editing Process

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Except as otherwise expressly provided, the author of each article in an issue has granted permission for copies of that article to be made for classroom use at a nationally accredited law school, university, or college, provided that:

  • Copies are distributed at or below cost;
  • The author and the Southeastern Environmental Law Journal are identified;
  • Proper notice of copyright is affixed to each copy; and
  • Notice of the use is given to the Southeastern Environmental Law Journal.

If SELJ offers to publish an author's piece, the Journal will send a contract by which the author will transfer copyright to SELJ. The editing process is done electronically, using the Track Changes tool in Microsoft Word.

Member Editors are asked to "pull" sources listed in the article for use in the editing process. If a particular piece cites materials that are particularly difficult to find (unusual, unpublished, foreign, etc.), SELJ expects the author to mail copies of the materials to the Journal at his or her own expense upon acceptance of the offer.

An Associate Editor is assigned to each article and a team of Articles and Member Editors works with the Associate Editor to check and re-check all content and footnote citations for grammar, accuracy, format, clarity, etc. An Associate Editor pulls each article together, checking for consistency and clarity before the article is given to the Editor-in-Chief for approval.

Because SELJ only publishes two issues per year, each article is edited extensively. An author's work is not done once he turns it in for submission. Authors should expect to see their articles once or twice more during the editing process, as the student editors often need clarification, more source citation, and approval for substantive changes. SELJ strives to give each author a fairly accurate estimate of the editing calendar so that authors are not swamped with additional work and can complete SELJ's requests within a reasonable amount of time. Overall, most authors have been very pleased with the work that SELJ and the author have completed together.