Externship Program

Externship Program

Administrative Law Externship

Laws # 706A

Students enrolled in the Administrative Law Externship have the opportunity to work with federal and state agencies. They may work locally during the academic year and nationally in the summer.

Administrative Law externship students typically work in a general counsel's office or an office with substantially similar duties and assist the attorneys in performing legal research and drafting documents such as memoranda and briefs. Depending on the placement, students may also have the opportunity to observe court proceedings, depositions, and interviews of witnesses.

In addition to their work at their placements, students must attend a companion course where they will have the opportunity to reflect upon their fieldwork experience.

During the academic year students must work a minimum of 8 hours per week for thirteen weeks. The course is two credit hours and it is letter graded.

During the summer students must work approximately 30 hours per week for seven weeks. The course is four credit hours and it is letter graded.

Students are required to take Professional Responsibility in advance or concurrently with this course.

Previous placements include: