Externship Program

Externship Program

Children's Law Externship

Laws # 707

Students enrolled in the Children's Law Externship may work with various government agencies involving children's issues. These placements include the Department of Social Services, Solicitor's offices, as well as Public Defenders that represent youth offenders. Typically, students assist lawyers with research and drafting and they will have the opportunity to observe lawyering skills such as interviewing, counseling, and negotiation.

Students are required to attend a companion course that discusses, among other things, the issues of professional responsibility in the representation of parties in child welfare and juvenile matters before the Family Court.

During the academic year students typically work a minimum of 8 hours per week for thirteen weeks. The course is two credit hours and it is letter graded.

Students are required to take Professional Responsibility in advance or concurrently with this course. "Parents, Children and the Law" or "Children and the Courts" is a prerequisite or co-requisite unless waived by the instructor.

Previous placements include: