Externship Program

Externship Program

Legislation Externship

Laws # 730

Students enrolled in the Legislation Externship have the opportunity to witness how proposed legislation is developed. Students will get the opportunity to evaluate proposed legislation for constitutionality, unintended ambiguities, and conflicts. Students are placed with a Lawyer-Legislator in the SC Senate or SC House of Representatives.

Students may be assigned to evaluate bills, research potential legal issues raised by legislation, or prepare written reports. The student's work product will be submitted to the supervising lawyer-legislator. Students are also required to attend a companion class for directed reflection upon their field experiences.

The Legislation Externship is only offered during the spring semester. Students must work a minimum of 8 hours per week for thirteen weeks. The course is two credit hours and it is pass fail.

Students are required to take Professional Responsibility in advance or concurrently with this course. It is strongly recommended that students take Legislation in advance or concurrently with this course.

Previous placements include:

South Carolina Senate

South Carolina House