Meet the Faculty

Meet the Faculty

Elizabeth Chambliss

Invited Papers and Presentations

Moderator, Working Group on Innovations in Access to Legal Services and Knowledge, Disruptive Innovation in the Market for Legal Services, Harvard Law School, March, 2014

Discussant, Research Roundtable on Law's Information Revolution, George Mason University School of Law, September, 2013

"Unbundling Legal Education: The Market for Limited Law Training," Legal Ethics Shmooze, Fordham Law School, June, 2013

Keynote Address, Twelfth International Conference on Substantive Technology in Legal Education and Practice, New York Law School, July, 2012

"Fragmentation and Integration in the Modern Law Firm," International Legal Ethics Conference, Banff, Alberta, July, 2012 (with Lisa Rohrer)

Round Table, "Empirical Research on the Legal Profession: Where We Have Been and Where We Are Going (or Should be Going)," International Legal Ethics Conference, Banff, Alberta, July, 2012

"Legal Education at the Precipice?" Loyola University Chicago School of Law Faculty Retreat, May, 2012

Plenary Session, "Agenda Setting: What is the Purpose of Legal Education? Global Legal Education Forum," Harvard Law School, March, 2012

"The Implications of Organizational Alliances by US Law Schools," Globalization and the Legal Profession Colloquium, Fordham Law School, October, 2011

"Two Questions for Law Schools about the Future Boundaries of the Legal Profession," Faculty Workshop, New York Law School, October, 2011

Keynote Address, "There is No 'US News' in 'Team,'" Future Ed Conference, New York Law School, April, 2011

"Measuring Law Firm Culture," International Legal Ethics Conference, Stanford Law School, July, 2010

"Embedded Ethics: The Role of Practice Groups in Large Law Firms," Conference on Ethical Decision Making in Context, Baldy Center for Law & Social Policy, April 2010

"New Sources of Managerial Authority in Large Law Firms," Law & Society Association Annual Meeting, Denver, May, 2009

"Law Firm General Counsel: The Paradox of Institutional Success?" Legal Ethics Schmooze, Fordham Law School, June, 2008

"The Basis of Managerial Authority in Large Law Firms," Law & Society Association Annual Meeting, Montreal, May, 2008

"Law Firm General Counsel: The Paradox of Institutional Success?" Symposium on the Future of the Global Law Firm, Georgetown University Law Center, April, 2008

"When do Facts Persuade? Some Thoughts on the Market for Empirical Legal Studies," The Center for the Study of Law and Society, University of California-Berkeley, March, 2008

"Measuring Law Firm Culture," Law & Society Association Annual Meeting, Berlin, July, 2007

"The Private Bar and the Public Interest: Improving Deliberation within Professional Associations," 13th Annual Clifford Symposium on Civil Justice, DePaul University College of Law, April, 2007

"Trends for Ethics & Risk Management Advisors," First Annual National Program of the Firm Counsel Project, American Bar Association Section of Business Law, Washington, D.C., March, 2007

"Still Miles to Go: Understanding the Special Experiences, Challenges, and Career Trajectories Faced by Women of Color in the Law," New York State Bar Association Annual Meeting, New York, January, 2007

"The Ideology of Firm Counsel," Symposium on Empirical Studies of the Legal Profession, University of North Carolina Law School, October, 2005

"Richard Sander's Controversial Findings on the Effects of Affirmative Action in Legal Education," Brown Bag Series, Brooklyn Law School, October, 2005

"The Post-Enron World of the Law Firm and Law Department Ethics Counsel," American Bar Association Center for Professional Responsibility, 30th National Conference on Professional Responsibility, Naples, FL, June, 2004

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