Meet the Faculty

Meet the Faculty

Rebekah K. Maxwell



Refining a Service-Delivery System for Student-Edited Journals: Waking up from Groundhog Day - The Day After with Katherine Danner Holtz, 21 Trends in Law Library Management and Technology 7 (2011).

Developing Partnerships with Student-Edited Journals or, Waking Up from Groundhog Day, with Katherine Danner Holtz, 20 Trends in Law Library Management and Technology 29 (2010).

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Book Reviews

Book Review, Climate Change: A Guide to Carbon Law and Practice, 27 Legal Information Alert 8 (September 2008).

Book Review, The Science of Settlement: Ideas for Negotiators. 27 Legal Information Alert 12 (March 2008).

Book Review, Privacy Law in Marketing, 26 Legal Information Alert 14 (September 2007).

Book Review, Internet Law: A Field Guide, 16 Legal Information Alert 11 (February 2007).

Book Review, Disability Discrimination and the Workplace, 25 Legal Information Alert 7 (March 2006).

Book Review, Mental Health Aspects of Custody Law, 24 Legal Information Alert 11 (November/December 2005).

Book Review, Piercing the Veil of Secrecy: Litigation Against U.S. Intelligence, 23 Legal Information Alert 12 (January 2004).

Journal Review, Mealey's Litigation Report: Thimerosal & Vaccines, 22 Legal Information Alert 15 (February 2003).

Book Review, United Nations Peace-Keeping Operations: A Guide to French Policies, Vol. 27, Issue 4, Journal of Government Relations, July–August 2000.

Book Chapter

The Federal Judiciary — An overview of the federal court system and the basic resources that index federal judicial law, in Government Publications Unmasked: Teaching Government Information Resources in the 21st Century. Wendy Mann and Theresa R. McDevitt, Eds., Library Instructions Publications, 2003.

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