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Configuring Entourage (for Macintosh Leopard users)

  1. Complete registration information during Mac OS 10.5 installation
  2. Double click the "Stamp" icon at the bottom of the screen
  3. Click "Mail" in the menu bar, then select and click "Preferences"
  4. Select and click "@ Accounts", then click the "+" at the bottom of the accounts box
  5. At the "Add Account" log in with username and password set during product registration and installation, and click continue
  6. At the "Incoming Mail Server select "IMAP" for the "Account Type", the "Description" is optional
  7. In the "Incoming Mail Server box, type in imap.mail.sc.edu, and use port 993
  8. Make sure the "username" and "password are typed in correctly, then click "Continue"
  9. In the "Incoming Mail Security", "Use Secure Layer (SSL) checkbox put a check and make sure "Password is selected in the "Authentication" drop down menu, and then click "continue"
  10. In the "Outgoing Mail Server" section, "Description is optional
  11. At the "Outgoing Mail Server" box, type in, asmtp.mail.sc.edu and use port 2525
  12. Put a check in "Use only this server"
  13. Put a check in the "Use Authentication" and type in your username and password
  14. Click "Continue"
  15. At the "Outgoing Mail Security", put a check mark in the "Use Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) checkbox, make sure "Password is selected for the "Authentication" and click "continue
  16. At the "Account Summary" put a check in "Take account online" box and click "create"
  17. Close mail account applications
  18. Double click "Stamp" in bottom of the screen to open email
  19. Click "New Mail" to send an email
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