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Microform Collection

This guide is a reference location finder for microform materials. The listings are by drawer number. Microform materials are in the back of the library.

ABA ArchivesL41-D10
Acts of the Parliament of CanadaA52
ALI PublicationsA25-A27
American Civil Liberties Union records & publications301-303
American State PapersD4
American States & Territories - Session laws through 1899A21-A24
Bar Journals (Hein)9-18
Book Catalogs of American Law Libraries (historical)307
Code of Federal Regulations (CFR) (Superseded)344-368
CIS Congressional Documents (73rd - 88th Congress)D86-D88
CIS Congressional Documents (89th Congress - present)65-113
Colonial Session LawsA54
Congressional GlobeA51
Congressional Record (1st - 110th debates & proceedings)19-23
Congressional Research Service - major studies & issue briefsA46
Congressional Research Service - supplementA46
Crime & Juvenile Delinquency series305-306
Criminal case files - U.S. Circuit Ct. for E.D. Penn. (1791-1840)A47
Daily Labor ReportA43-A46
Early English Legal Manuscripts307
EEOC DecisionsL13-L15
English Law Reports (Pre-1865)322-323
English Reports Full ReprintL9
Equity records - U.S. Circuit Ct. for E.D. Penn. (1790-1847)A48
Federal Register310-318
Fourth Circuit Records and BriefsL18-L32(fiche) A61 (film)
GATT Documents (1947-1994)A58-A59
Government Documents in microformA1-ff
Great Britain: Statutes in ForceL8
Great Britain: Statutes of the Realm334
Great Britian: Yearbooks (1307-1537)303
Hein's Bar Journal service9-18
Hein's Early Federal lawsA54
House Journal24
Housing & Urban Affairs308-309
Judicial Conference (U.S.) - records46
Law & Appellate records - U.S. Circuit Ct. for E.D. Penn. (1790-1847)A47
Legislative History of Internal Revenue Acts, et al.53-57
Legislative Research Service - major studiesA46
Los Angeles Daily JournalA38 - A42
LC Classified A - Z MicroficheL1-L40
LC Classified A - Z MicrofilmA31-A33
National Conference of Commissioners on Uniform State LawL10-L11
National Law Journal11
New York Court of Appeals - Records and BriefsA78-A81
New York Law Journal (1947-1982)A36 - A38
New York Law Journal (1982 - present)L5-L6
New York State Legislature - legislative documents (1919-1976)A76-A78
Nineteenth-Century Legal TreatisesA55-A56
Pamphlets in American History: American Civil Liberties321
Pennsylvania named reporters320-321
Pre-1865 English Law Reports322-323
Records of the U.S. Judicial Conference46
Senate Journal24
Session Laws of American States & Territories thru 1899A21-A24
Southeastern Reporter (v.1-v.99)L10
State Attorney General Opinions (microfiche)49-52
State Attorney General Opinions (microfilm)324-334
State Bar ExaminationsL12
State Codes (superseded)(Hein)D11-D90
State Constitutional ConventionsD96-D100
State Session Laws25-45
Statutes of the Realm (Great Britain)334
SuDoc classified microformsA1-ff
Superseded State Codes (Hein)D11-D60
Unpublished U.S. House of Rep. Committee HearingsD91-D93
Unpublished U.S. Senate Committee HearingsD93-D94
U.S. Advisory Commission on Intergov't Relations - policy reportsL1
U.S. Code (1925-1970)A53
U.S. Congress - Bills, Hearings, Reports60-120
U.S. Congress - Bills, Resolutions and LawsD78-D79
and also 65-115
U.S. Congress - House Journal24
U.S. Congress - Senate Journal24
U.S. Congressional Serial Set4-8
U.S. 4th Circuit Records & BriefsL18-L32
U.S. Judicial Conference - records46
U.S. Reports1-3
U.S. Statutes at Large (v. 1-108)D95
U.S. Supreme Court Oral ArgumentsL9-L10
U.S. Supreme Court Records & Briefs201-ff
Women and Law303-304
World Trade Organization DocumentsD58-ff