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Christian Legal Society

About the Christian Legal Society

The Christian Legal Society (CLS) is a non-denominational national organization of lawyers and law students who share a common faith in the Lordship of Jesus Christ. The Law Student Ministries of CLS seeks to encourage students in spiritual formation, compassionate outreach, and integration of faith and learning to help students understand law as a Christian calling.

Few experiences in life can be as challenging to a Christian's faith as studying for three or more years at an American law school. Surrounded by academic world views that often deny the transcendent and by a profession that at times measures success solely by worldly gain, the Christian law student who fails to cultivate his or her personal relationship with God can be worn down and succumb to beliefs, outlooks, and attitudes that are irreconcilable with Christianity. Law school is a formative period in an attorney's professional and personal life, and by seeking God's strength and guidance through fellowship with other law students from the very beginning, Christian law students will set patterns and habits that will endure throughout their professional careers.

The USC Chapter of the Christian Legal Society seeks to supplement student involvement in a local church by conducting regular meetings as well as several service projects throughout the school year. The weekly meetings include talks led by local Christian attorneys from diverse areas of the legal profession who share their experiences and insights regarding Christianity in the legal profession. We look forward to welcoming you as we gather to fellowship and encourage one another in spiritual growth!