Student Organizations

Health Law Society

Now could not be a more exciting time for health care law. Not only is the practice area itself expanding to include administrative, transactional, regulatory, and litigation-based matters, but also the tenets of health law are being used to shape the political reform initiated by President Obama. Therefore, the first goal of the Health Law Society is to follow current legislative reform while educating the law school community on the many facets of this intriguing practice area.

We have scheduled a number of guest speakers to address both the daily mechanics of their involvement with health law and the myths surrounding it. From hospital administrators to titans of legal litigation, our business is to inform you about health law's opportunities and to introduce you to some of its top practitioners.

The second goal of the Health Law Society is to introduce new methods of stress control into a study and profession fraught with toxic habits. The fact that lawyers lead the nation as the professionals with the highest suicide rate indicates the need to address this problem and tackle it head-on. We have planned a series of mental health awareness initiatives, including a monthly newsletter and a panel of experts with experience and education to combat this challenge.

Statement of Purpose

The Health Law Society is a close-knit group of students who share an interest in health care law and bioethics. The Society invites health care attorneys to speak to our group several times a semester to discuss the practice of health care law and the latest developments in the field. The Health Law Society also serves the law school and local communities by supporting health awareness programs and initiatives.