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Operations and Maintenance Manual Guidelines and Requirements

You must submit an Operations and Maintenance Manual with your application for a marina permit.

Marina operations will be reviewed at OCRM's discretion but at least every 5 years. As a result of any review OCRM may require changes or additions to address water quality or environmental problems. OCRM can also require a reduction in the size of or in the configuration of the marina for the same reasons. This can take place not only during a review but also at any time OCRM determines a significant water quality compliance problem exists or a closure area is enlarged. S.C. Code Regs. 30-12(E)(2)(a).

The Manual will be placed on public notice. This requirement can be waived if OCRM determines such a waiver is warranted based on the uses of the facility. S.C. Code Regs. 30-12(E)(3).

Depending on the exact type of facility the Manual must contain the following:

Marina Operations (S.C. Code Regs. 30-12(E)(3)(a))

  1. An experienced operator will be in charge. Both the permittee and its agents are responsible for compliance with the Manual and all permit conditions;
  2. Lease agreements between boat owners and the marina permittee must contain a provision requiring the boat owners to comply with all applicable State and federal regulations. The marina permittee is responsible for ensuring violations are promptly reported to the proper authorities;
  3. Complete copies of the marina permit, any required marina reports, the Operations and Maintenance Manual, all permit conditions or requirements and all water quality monitoring reports required by the permit shall be readily available at the marina;
  4. The marina permittee must prominently display and distribute material about the maintenance of water quality standards at the marina and report violations promptly to the authorities.

There is more detailed guidance on making your operations manual comply with these regulations, and is available here


Last Updated October 29, 2010


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