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County Governments

Below is listing of South Carolina coastal counties. All those seeking to undertake activities in one of these counties must comply with applicable county regulations, in addition to the State and Federal regulations listed elsewhere on this website. Residents of incorporated areas may have local, city or town regulations in addition to the county regulations. Please contact the appropriate person in your county (and if applicable, local) office to ensure you are complying with the most recent requirements. Some documents require Adobe Reader to access. A free copy can be downloaded from the Adobe site.

In Beaufort County the Zoning Department issues initial permits. If applicable, the Building Codes Department issues building permits. Some forms needed to complete this process are available here.
Go to the Beaufort County webpage

In Berkeley County the Building and Code Enforcement Department is in charge of ensuring code compliance and issuing building permits. Many of the forms that are necessary to get a building permit can be found here. The full text of the ordinances can be found at this site. You might have to contact the Planning and Zoning Department if you are subdividing land or if you need land rezoned, a variance, special exception permit or to appeal a decision.
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In Charleston County the Building Inspection Services Department is in charge of making sure applicable standards for various aspects of construction, such as plumbing and electrical, are met for the county and unincorporated parts. However, the Zoning and Planning Department is in charge of actually issuing permits. If you live in an incorporated area there may be additional local regulations. Links to city and town websites are provided on the County webpage.
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Colleton County has its Building Codes online. Colleton County's Planning and Development office issues building permits.
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Dorchester County does not have its county regulations posted online. However contact information for the various departments is posted online here. The rules about the Ashley River Historic District have recently changed. These changes are posted online at this site.
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In Georgetown County, the Building Division and Permits is the department in charge of building codes and permits, and ensures compliance with building codes, performs inspections and issues all the requisite permits. Their website is located here.
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In Horry County the Planning and Zoning Department is in charge of writing land development regulations and provides information on zoning ordinances and certificates of compliance. The Code Enforcement Department issues building permits and does fire inspections for commercial buildings in unincorporated areas.
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Jasper County Zoning and Land Development Regulations are online. The Building Department is responsible for issuing new building permits.
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