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20 Things You Can Do

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Pro Bono Program

20 things you can do for the Pro Bono Program

  1. If you are a lawyer, take a pro bono case and share the experience with USC Law Students via this link: law.sc.edu/pro_bono/alumni/.
  2. If you are a USC Law student: volunteer.
  3. Share your volunteer experience with another person.
  4. Remember the Pro Bono Program when the Law School asks you to give.
  5. If you are a lawyer working on a pro bono case and need help; ask for a volunteer law clerk from the Pro Bono Program.
  6. Ask other law students about their pro bono involvement.
  7. When interviewing new associates ask them about their involvement with the Pro Bono Program.
  8. Share your firm's pro bono policy with the Law School.
  9. Recruit another volunteer to do pro bono work.
  10. Ask about pro bono when interviewing for a job.
  11. Thank a volunteer.
  12. Explain the pro bono ethic to a new lawyer.
  13. Highlight your pro bono work on your firm web site.
  14. Highlight your pro bono work on your resume.
  15. Read Rule 6.1.
  16. Ask other lawyers about their pro bono work.
  17. Tell others about the USC School of Law Pro Bono Program.
  18. Think about engaging the Pro Bono Program on your pro bono projects.
  19. Take a volunteer law student to lunch!
  20. Brag about the USC Pro Bono Program being the 1st in the US.