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Pro Bono Program

Where are they now?

Colin Colverson

What firm/organization are you working with now?
U.S. Department of Energy

What kind of pro bono or volunteer work have you been involved in?
" Co-Founder and organizer of the Oak Ridge Charity Dog Walk, a fundraiser held bi-annually to raise money for the improvement of the Oak Ridge, TN Animal Shelter.
" Assisting in the creation of the Oak Ridge Solar Project, a new non-profit designed to create a private, for-profit foundation that implements the deployment of small-scale solar installations on area roof-tops.
" Involved in our church's Youth Program as a volunteer Youth Minister.

What are the main reasons why you would recommend that law students become involved in pro bono work?
Pro Bono work provides an outstanding opportunity to realize the value of a law degree at an early stage of your education. Further, you gain real exposure to the problems that an attorney can address when working in the private sector, and you have a head start in the awareness of where you can make a difference.

How would you encourage current law students to get involved with the Pro Bono program?
Volunteer your time, take advantage of the opportunities to connect with organizations outside of campus, and get to know the other law students who have a similar interest in serving their community.

Has pro bono work contributed to your sense of career satisfaction?
Tremendously. Work at times is rewarding, and at times is tedious. Pro Bono work provides the genuine expectation that every hour spent is an hour contributed to a good cause that will ideally yield a positive result.

Did your experiences in the Pro Bono program at USC prepare you or benefit you in your career?
My pro bono program experience was in many ways integral to my current career track. My two summer jobs were funded through PILS grants, and were cited by my current employer as great experience during my interview. Further, the leadership opportunities and developmental experience I gained working in the Pro Bono program serves me daily in navigating my day job and after-work endeavors.

In your career, have you seen an overlap between your volunteer work and your sense of your own place in the community and the legal profession?
They operate in tandem, in many ways. The volunteer work I have dedicated myself to sort of defines my sense of where I fit in this community. Further, my legal career is certainly influenced by the projects that I have volunteered with.

How do pro bono efforts fit in to the work of the South Carolina Bar?
The Bar does an excellent job of promoting volunteer and pro bono efforts amongst its members, and I think has worked hard to build a reputation amongst the state. I do think more could be done to expect excellence in each member's commitment to a certain number of pro bono hours per year.

What kind of perceptions, positive or negative, do you think that the bar as a whole has about attorneys who are actively involved in pro bono work?
I believe that pro bono work has an enormously positive effect on an attorney's image amongst their peers. Regardless of how many hours you bill in a year, your time spent dedicated to pro bono causes is understood by most as time spent for the benefit of others, not the bottom line.

What is most memorable/best experience you had during your law school career through the Pro Bono program?
Clerking for an attorney who defended an adverse possessor on the west coast of Florida. The client had no money and seemingly no hope, and through the PILS grant we were able to afford her a defense that was ALMOST good enough to win.

What does the 20th Anniversary of the Pro Bono program mean to you?
That USC Law has spent 20 solid years dedicating itself to a worthwhile cause, and instilling the right stuff in 20 years worth of law students.

What is your most cherished memory with Pam?
I don't think I have time to go into thatů let's just say there are many, many fond memories, and that I will always appreciate her insight and guidance.