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Where are they now?

Brooks Fuller

What firm/organization are you working with now?
Erdman Hockfield & Leone LLP, Charlotte, NC

What kind of pro bono or volunteer work have you been involved in?
I took on a pro bono post-separation support case in late 2010 for a woman who was the victim of domestic violence and unable to work because her husband canceled her resident worker status.
I've been involved in KinderMourn, an organization that provides grief counseling to families who lose young children to childhood illness, or other tragedies.
I'm planning to work on a Habitat for Humanity build with the Young Lawyers Division of the Mecklenburg County bar.

What are the main reasons why you would recommend that law students become involved in pro bono work?
If nothing else, it relieves stress to spend some time working for other people, even if it's not legal work.

How would you encourage current law students to get involved with the Pro Bono program?
The food drive is a great way to start.

Has pro bono work contributed to your sense of career satisfaction?
Without a doubt. I feel a sense of accomplishment when I do something for someone else and don't expect payment in return.

Did your experiences in the Pro Bono program at USC prepare you or benefit you in your career?
Yes. The Pro Bono program helped me establish positive connections with other like-minded people and let me open different avenues for service.

In your career, have you seen an overlap between your volunteer work and your sense of your own place in the community and the legal profession?
I've always been involved in the Charlotte community, so this is one of my obligations to my hometown that probably would have occurred anyway.

How do pro bono efforts fit in to the work of the South Carolina Bar?
I practice in North Carolina. I'm sure they fit in great.

What kind of perceptions, positive or negative, do you think that the bar as a whole has about attorneys who are actively involved in pro bono work?
I don't see evidence of outside perceptions. I think our Bar takes great pride as a whole in all members who do good pro bono work.

What is most memorable/best experience you had during your law school career through the Pro Bono program?
Winning the 2007 food drive by a landslide.

What does the 20th Anniversary of the Pro Bono program mean to you?
I'm proud that the University of South Carolina has a longstanding tradition of a commitment to public service. Some of the things our students do are awe inspiring.

What is your most cherished memory with Pam?
Loading that big crazy food truck.