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Erika and Gina of the Righteous Girls

Teaming up to deliver innovative music education

Southern Exposure and SAVVY Musician — two long-running successful School of Music programs — are teaming up to present a joint program: the SAVVY competition finals, in which several contemporary groups perform and are judged not only on their musical skills but also their creativity in designing an event for the public.

New chemistry labs

New chemistry labs open in renovated building

All of the university’s undergraduate chemistry labs moved this semester into the newly renovated building at Greene and Main streets, offering state-of-the-art equipment and facilities.

Music professor Christopher Berg

Q and A with Christopher Berg

Carolina Distinguished Professor Christopher Berg is a national leader in his field and plays a large part in the School of Music’s commitment to developing 21st-century musicians.

newspaper clippings

Podcast Episode 1: Why are we Gamecocks?

Of all the mascots the University of South Carolina might have chosen, how did the gamecock — a feisty bird that relishes a scuffle — get the nod? It all goes back to the aftermath of a football game in 1902 in which Carolina students nearly came to deadly blows with their in-state rival.

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